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Learn about:   
  • understand the neuroscience of the mind 
  • How to balance your chakras to help you live a healthy, balanced life
  • How to shift and manage  emotional attachments
  • Your beliefs, limitations, and thoughts and how these impact your experiences
  • Building trust with yourself and others
  • Utilize your strengths and abilities to be productive and live the life you desire
Event Details:       
August 3,  2024      9 am to 4 pm  lunch provided
Further details upon registering
Have always felt there was something more and you have felt like your living, but ready to thrive. Guarantee you will  feel more connection after this day.
Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to learn more about the energy within you and connecting to there inner Source.
Speaker and Guide

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     $144.00per person  9-4 box lunch provided

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Healing your Mind, Body, and Spirit

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