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Stephanie Ramsey
  • Spiritual Meditation Specialist

  • Motivational, Inspirational, and Transformation Life Coach

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Reiki Master


My life's mission is to be of service to others by sharing my gifts and abilities. I truly believe we are here to uncover that of which we each already are: Spiritual beings in a human experience.

I have been a mentor and teacher for 26 years. I am highly trained in Meditation Technique Theory, trained with multiple Life Mastery Academies, and have mastered the metaphysical world and the journey of understanding. I have gained knowledge and understanding with infinite abundance, truth, and joy. My passion for helping others learn how to use their abilities to attain the best version of themselves led me to create the Aligned Self Mastery Academy.

Through years of training and a deep personal understanding of my own experiences with meditation and self-reflection, I was able to transform my life one step at a time by spending countless hours uncovering who I thought I was to discover and connect with my authentic self. Born with a highly intuitive and empathic knowing. I practice mind over matter, and can understand fully the Mind, Body and Spirit in myself and others. I am a shaman for God.

I help others to:

  • See their authentic selves

  • Understand their abilities and gifts

  • Uncover who they already are

  • Empower themselves to live the best version of themselves with confidence and self-awareness


Contact me to learn more about the Aligned Self Mastery Academy.

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