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In my life, I have faced numerous challenges such as hurt, trauma, depression, self-sabotage, abuse, victimhood, and anxiety repeatedly. Despite the pain and uncertainty, I remained resilient and courageous. I want to share that I was once lost but found my inner light that guided me. You can discover yours too by exploring your heart's depths and honing your talents to unleash your potential. Each of us harbors a unique universe within, shaping our own journey. Let's opt for triumph.

Devoting many hours to introspection, learning, and research, I have sought universal truths by visiting indigenous communities and uncovering my own skills. I possess a natural ability to perceive deeply, empathize, and gain insightful understanding. I am deeply intrigued by human thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. My purpose on this earth is to make a positive impact on humanity.   To see my credentials look under the tab label Guide. 

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Guided Meditations
The Mission is to help you uncover your  universe within

We Are Perfectly Imperfect Unbroken beings  Already Amazing

Step into your future self, become the best version of you.
Have fun!  Meet like-minded people!  Laugh a lot!


Access your subconscious  mind removing  all blocks, triggers, and traumas.

Navigate through old emotions and patterns and release them 

Execute new ideas and take massive actions and wake the authentic self

Understand your purpose, live in abundance in the life you want to exist in

Access your abilities and natural gifts: 


  • Are you a healer, physic, empath. a seeker, or just know things? Activate the white light energy in you.


Learn to be a healthy healer, step into your creativity

Identify and master your ability to trust yourself and others

Gain an in-depth understanding of your beliefs, know your truth 

Narrate a new story, set healthy, non-negotiable boundaries. Live in gratitude, love and grace.


We assist you in  Guided Meditations  intuitively guided thru your own abilities  and gifts we are her to facilitate a safe place  were you can discover all of your possibilities.   I can assure your will be left feeling fantastic. Each session is tailored to the person or group, not one wil ever be the same.

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Private Meditiaton

Receive intuitive one one one  Guided Meditation assistance in  private setting in your home or my office. Guided Meditation 144.00 two hours

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Group Meditations
A great experience for all

Group Sessions Guided Mediations with family or  friends

2-4 people 244.00 2/hours

5-10 people 488.00 2/hours 

Virtual Team Meeting

Online or by phone

by phone or online one or one or a group we can go into a guided meditation one hour sessions

80.00 hour 


To guide others towards their inner compass, unveiling their unique talents and gifts to aid in the healing of humanity.

Balancing Mind Body and Spirit


White Sand and Stone
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